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 1. The introduction to the Introduction!
 2. Subjective or objective?
 3. The personal deficiencies of the writer
 4. Desperately seeking relative pre-eminence
 5. Feudal languages and planar languages
 6. History and language codes
 7. The influence and affect of language codes on human beings
 8. Malabari and Malayalam
 9. Word-codes that can deliver hammer blows
 10. On being hammered by words!
 11. What the Negroes experienced in an English nation
 12. Who should be kept at a distance?
 13. Word codes which can induce mental imbalance
 14. Codes of false demeanours
 15. Self-esteem and the over-powering urge to usurp
 16. Codes that urge to place people forcefully in their suppressed location
 17. The mental codes of ‘peekkiritharam’
 18. Codes of rough retorts!
 19. The diffused personality
 20. The spreading of the substandard, and the vanishing of quality
 21. How the top layer got soiled
 22. Government workers and ordinary workers
 23. How the pulling down is done
 24. The antipathy for teaching English
 25. The quality depreciation that is entering into pristine-English
 26. Who is responsible for the dull and indifferent quality of English teaching
 27. Unacceptable levels of efficiency and competence
 28. Extreme subservience and social stature enhancement
 29. Potholes, and codes of crushing and mutilation inside feudal languages
 30. The imperative essentialness of a servile subordinate
 31. The repository of negativity!
 32. The craving for ‘respect’
 33. The basic structure of the Constitution of India
 34. The situation in Britain
 35. The innate rights of a citizen of India
 36. When rights get translated into feudal languages
 37. Three different levels of citizenship
 38. How the mysterious codes get disabled!
 39. The craving and the urge to achieve by means of shortcuts
 40. A Constitution which is in sync with the native-land culture and traditions
 41. A story of a people-uprising taken from the history of the subcontinent
 42. The new ‘higher caste persons’
 43. When the nation surrenders and submits to the feudal language codes
 44. The sterile nonsense in academic textbooks
 45. The bloody fool that George Washington was
 46. The wider aims of English colonial education
 47. The problems which would arise when the language of administration is made Malayalam
 48. Who should ‘respect’ whom?
 49. When antique traditions come back
 50. The mutual fierce competition among the oppressed sections
 51. The excruciating terror that a lower ‘him’ might become a higher ‘Him’!
 52. The battering power of the language codes
 53. Minute verbal sounds which can create social cataclysm
 54. The demise of the tyrannical powers of the small time despots in Malabar
 55. A discriminatory law
 56. The despotic authoritarian powers of the government office workers (government employees)
 57. Codes that spur homicidal mania
 58. The direction component of abusive words /profanities
 59. Gaining enhancement in internal value codes via means of displaying courage!
 60. Courageous behaviour which is actually an outrageous behaviour in feudal languages
 61. The English experience of an IPS officer
 62. British sailors in Indian police station
 63. The three levels of equality
 64. Pulling down by means of word-codes to establish equality
 65. Pulling down via means of equality!
 66. The statutory right to thrash and kick, and to verbally abuse a citizen
 67. When one gets stuck in a feudal language environment without proper protective gear
 68. British sailors in Indian jail
 69. Satanism which is intangible
 70. The folly and danger in revealing one’s vulnerabilities
 71. Subordinated persons should be discouraged from learning English
 72. The caste system that evolves through language
 73. What should be thrown into the Arabian Sea?
 74. An inexpressible Satanism
 75. The disastrous aftermath of giving entry and conveniences
 76. How native-English social systems get tumbled upside-down!
 77. What happens when one states one’s rights?
 78. When an ‘avan’ (lowest he/him) slaps an ‘Adheham’ (Highest He/Him)!
 79. A legend through a swindle
 80. Losing should be to persons of acclaimed levels
 81. In what all ways do words act mischievous
 82. If one were to stink in the verbal codes, life itself gets despoiled!
 83. The mystic beauty in feudal languages
 84. The location where a generous and magnanimous attitude is understood as utter idiocy and incompetence
 85. The abundance of words
 86. Language and facial demeanour
 87. The Satanism that is streaming into the insides of England
 88. The querulous capacity to degrade others using a pen
 89. How does a small bit of freedom transform into state of freedom gone amok
 90. Those who arrived at great social and mental eminence through ‘slavery’
 91. The Slavery pictures of USA
 92. A state of life more degraded than that of slavery!
 93. What if there are no word-codes to forcefully place a person in his intrinsic slot
 94. Things, which cannot be conveyed to English due to lack of appropriate words in English
 95. Which is the more acceptable slavery?
 96. What is there so divine about English?
 97. How a stinking definition is being kept hidden in English
 98. The others who use English
 99. The real mentality of ‘social reformers’ inside feudal language social systems
 100. The unmentioned benefits of a connection with Bilathi (England)
 101. Verbal usages connected to Almighty God!
 102. Feudal languages and Islam
 103. Great egalitarian philosophies go awry when facing feudal languages
 104. Those who strive to find solutions through shortcuts!
 105. About this writing



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An Impressionistic History of the South Asian Subcontinent



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