An Impressionistic History of the South Asian Subcontinent

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An Impressionistic History of the South Asian Subcontinent

VOL 1 – Feudal Languages!


This is a writing that goes into the very depth of feudal language social systems. The writing commenced as a regular broadcast through Whatsapp and still continues. The language of the original writing was a vernacular language of the southern parts of the South Asian Subcontinent. 

As of now, the broadcast has gone beyond 280 chapters. 

In this book only the first 100 and odd posts are given. This is so because the translation of only that many chapters has been completed.  

The translated version of this book is primarily aimed at the attention of the native-English populations of native-English nations. They have no idea as to what it is that is entering their nations, when feudal language speakers enter their nations and slowly bring in diabolic transformations in everything in the native-English social systems. 

Feudal languages have terrible carnivorous codes, along with an overpowering outwardly affable friendliness.  The combination is a very deadly one, in that there is no shield or barrier that can effectively stop the infection of feudal languages. 

The only way to ward off the terrible social disasters in the offing is to understand what a feudal language is.  Feudal languages can literally splinter up all native-English social systems, at every nook and corner of the social system; be it family, professional locations, roadways, work efficiency, ethical codes and almost all else. 

The appealing goodness of this book is that it has originally been written for people of feudal language nations; to make them understand what it is that is evil in their native social communication systems. 

Once they understand it, they can think of overcoming and overpowering the evil that possess them, and lead their own social systems and nation to greater quality standards. As of now, they do not understand what the evil is that is daunting them at every location in their social system. They see only one way to escape the terrific negativity that infects them; that is to escape to native-English nations. 

However, once they enter native-English nations, they become the beachhead for spreading their native-land feudal-language infection into the quaint and placid native-English social systems. 

When accosted by a feudal language verbal or non-verbal signal, native-Englishmen and women, if defined in the meaner codes in the signals, will or can go berserk.





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